The Holy Trinity of Wine: Colour, Smell, Taste

Savvy 2014 Sauvignon Blanc
Adelaide Hills Savvy, when only the best will do.

2014 Adelaide Hills Wine Show – Gold

Savvy by name & Savvy be nature. Like Rose, hard to do well in Australia, but slightly easier to get right in the Adelaide Hills. The New Zealanders have had the wood on us for some time now, tis’ the climate you know. Trying to eradicate the cats pee, but maintain the distinctive floral overtones that are unique to SavBlanc, is the trick. A lot of the secret revolves around when it is picked, and how it is crushed. If you don’t make much all these things come easily. No panic re the costs. A few cents a litre doesn’t add up to much when doing small runs, so we do it as best we can and I think it pays off. Try it, and if you think it’s not up to scratch, I’ll give you another bottle to change your opinion.

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