Vineyards are wonderful things for entertaining. They have space, colour for all seasons, and are generally have all weather access to open space areas. At Bendbrook we are lucky to have some serious terrain relief and a river with a valley flood plain. This we call the “Picnic Ground”. The PG sits in a grass meadow of the oxbow of the river surround by old willow, ash, and oak trees.

The PG is generally reserved for “meditating” on sunny days with a good red and some local food produce, however we also have regularly a “Dog Day”. “DD’s ” started when we realised how much our dogs enjoyed the river and vineyard and how much our friends city based dogs were missing out on. We thought so many different personalities and sizes may be a drama but the fact is (apart from our own animals that is) they are all on neutral ground so to speak, so they don’t have any territorial issues. Competion is really about which dog can get the stick first after its been thrown in the river!

A spit roasted salt bush hogget also gets their attention as well as their owners. It is not unusual to have 20 or 30 running around and all getting along famously (dogs that is). Can’t always say the same about the owners, particularly the fishermen! Winemakers are OK though!