I’m pretty happy with the Rose. Not an easy wine to do well. Many can be coloured whites via a small dose of red. We have this patch of Shiraz near the picnic ground which is in a hidden valley, so to speak, and it rarely ripens with the rest of the Shiraz, so we pick it early and do the Cracklin Rosey. Picked cool, crushed gently, and on skins for a few hours only, gives a Rose with Maraschino cherries and redcurrants, dry and tannic and terribly, terribly appetizing.

2010 Boutique Wine Awards Best in Class

2014 Adelaide Hills Wine Show – Bronze

Philip White :Bendbrook Macclesfield Cracklin’ Rosie Shiraz Viognier Rosé 2014 12.90% 92 points

You know what to do. You get smoked salmon and put it on thin dark rye with Spanish onion slices, a plop of wasabi and capers. You have some chêvre somewhere close. You have an ice bucket. Right across the table is someone who would drown in your eyes. You know, beneath the vines or a shady veranda. You don’t muck about sniffing this and going ahhhh! And whatnot. I mean you could, but that’s silly. What you do is you crack that screwie and you pour this rosé into a tumbler and you pass it across. Then you pour yourself one. And you drink. Like drink. Tip it all in. It makes you laugh. John Struik reckons he had it just about right as straight Shiraz, then he remembered that barrel of big Viognier he’d put aside, and dribbled just enough of that in there to get this adult frivolity. It’s nothing like sugary Alicante, but more in the league of the Old Mill Estate Langhorne Creek Touriga Rosés, if a shade lighter.