Check out why Benbrook beef is so great. This article was published for ‘Stock Journal’, by Jacinta Rose.

FOR many vineyard owners, the prospect of cattle getting into their vines would be a nightmare, but for Macclesfield cattle producers and winemakers John and Margaret Struik, this practice is an important part of their farming program.

Hereford and Angus cattle graze pastures on the 93-hectare property for most of the year, and in winter, some of the herd is allowed into the 6ha vineyard.

“Generally at the end of the season we let cattle out into the vineyards,” John said.

“You’ve got to be a bit careful about that – it’s only the quiet heifers that go out there. Your typical Black Angus bull would not walk down the rows – he would walk through the rows – but the heifers tend to move down one row then turn and come back up the next one just like the pruner would.

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