Bendbrook, (the property name), is the only place where we grow the fruit that goes into our Bendbrook premium single-vineyard red wines.

Being passionate boutique vigneons we know that the secret of great wines is the care and attention one lavishes on vines that are already growing on the best possible “terroir” for the grape variety, and surrounded by the best possible micro-climate as well.

( A reported once asked the oil maganate JP Getty “how do you become a billionaire sir?”, to which he replied, “Get up early, work hard, and most importantly, strike oil”!) Well, we’re not billionaires but we get up early, work hard and our customers tell us that we have struck oil with the unique flavours our vines produce.

Every vintage however reflects the subtle nuances of that seasons’ year , and as such, all our wines, although showing the base characters of Bendbrook, do vary.

It is this variance that is a voyage of adventure and discovery when we ( or our customers) do a vertical tasting.

Commercial wineries hold control juice each year to produce wines that have little or no change from year to year. That’s what makes them commercial, and it is what we do, that makes us, and all other boutique producers DIFFERENT.

Viva La Différence!

(The French will probable sue me for using that phrase)…